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Frequently asked questions: Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ARAS ?

We have a strong network of over 2,500 refinancers, a global reputation and a successful track record all proven and acknowledged by reputed institutions.

How do I apply for a Financing?

Once you fill out our form found in our 'contact us' page, a representative will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

What is the interest rate offered for Financing?

It all comes down to the equity you bring to the table and the final financing amount that you require.

What are the minimum and maximum borrowable amount?

The minimum financing amount is USD 5 million and the maximum can go upwards of a billion dollars USD.

What are the documents required to apply for financing?

We would like to start off by evaluating the clients business plan followed by a step by step cost break down, repayment plan and a feasibility study.

What is the duration for receiving a Financing approval?

After successful submission of the required documents, the financing board will take on average a few days to evaluate a project.

Can companies in the GCC region apply for a Financing from ARAS?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any inquiries from companies based in the GCC region.

Can companies outside the GCC region apply for a financing from ARAS?

Yes, companies based outside of the GCC region are welcome to apply with us.

What type of projects does ARAS finance?

The type of projects that we specialize in are mainly Startups, Renewable energy, Refineries, Hospitality, Real Estate, Ships etc. If a company requires financial aid/support and promises to deliver good ROI once revived/supported, we are more than willing to provide our financial services to ignite the company's cash flow.

Why is ARAS headquartered in Dubai World Central?

The infrastructure is world class and being located right beside the worlds largest airport and the expo 2020 site has its perks.

What type of finance do you provide to the customers?

The type of financing we provide are:

-Silent Partnership

-Subordinated Financing


ARAS involved in the EXPO 2020 initiative?

Yes, we are heavily invested in projects brought in with the grace of the expo 2020.

How can I get the ARAS to Invest in my business?

At the moment we channel most our investment towards the real-estate industry, however, if we think your business aligns with our goals and after thorough evaluation from our experts, we will gladly fund the business.

What are the kinds of Consulting services provided by ARAS?

We provide 4 major types of consultation.

-Financial Advisory




How do mediators affiliate themselves with ARAS ?

If you are a mediator that wishes to work with us, email us at info@aras-consult.com and we will send you a mediator contract application.