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Not all banks are willing to provide their financing services to companies for whatever reasons it may be and that's why some companies are looking for suitable alternatives, especially the companies looking for credit to finance a particular project. In ideal cases, these companies will find a partner who not only arranges the right financing via their partners but also works out the concept in collaboration with his clients and even takes care of a refinancing in the background. A suitable alternative to 'bank loan' is opting for investors from the middle-eastern region who act as lenders. This way financing and concept development can be taken from one single source.

The ARAS CONSULTANCY is committed to offering our clients optimal financing solutions, the financing services provided by us are tailored to provide our clients the ability to achieve better business models, overcome financial shortcomings and focus on the bigger picture. We are specifically geared to fund troubled or growing companies as these companies require financial aid the most.

Regardless of industry, location and volume, we are capable of providing financial solutions to companies and this mainly through the help of a team of specialized Financial Advisers and Relationship Managers. Our team of experts can provide you with customized insights and options that best suit your business. Our relationship managers also focus on sourcing funds from alternative investments such as hedge funds, mutual funds, asset managers, angel investors etc.

Our global connectivity means we have an ongoing collaboration with financial sector leading firms, Our club of investors can provide a financial buffer to those companies that portray promising potential. We have strategic partnerships with many of the top financial institutions spread across different regions.

We provide Refinance solutions with the help of our affiliations with insurance companies, investors, family offices, partner companies, commercial banks, European leasing companies, and asset managers etc.

The types of financing options we provide include Subordinated Financing and Silent Partnership.

ARAS CONSULTANCY has years of financing and investment experience, providing clients with ideal conditions for project financing. Our International standards and certification make us capable of catering to business without boundaries.

Discover the endless possibilities of your business with our financial services.

Place your online written request in the language that you are familiar with and your request will be assigned to a representative who is fluent in your respective language. We are currently working with the following Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian and Turkish so consultation can be availed in any of these languages.

Should you wish to inquire with us about the possibilities of your company receiving our financing services, feel free to get in touch with us via our email at info@aras-consult.com and one of our representatives will be getting in touch with you in the next 48 hours.