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Privacy Policy


Every citizen has the right to determine the use of his personal data. Therefore, it is our duty to protect your data, you give us when you visit our website. To make you feel safe and secure during your stay on our websit, we want to show you below, what happens to your data and what steps we have taken to protect them from abuse.

This Statement of Privacy applies to the entire website of Aras Consultancy DWC – LLC but not to pages of other providers which you will find on our site.

Aras has a strict policy of keeping customer information secret and secure. It assures it customers that:

Personal or Business information provided shall be safeguarded using the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

Only authorized employees shall have access to the information and those employees who violate the company´s privacy policies shall be dealt with the normal disciplinary process.

Collection and use of customer personal information shall be kept to a minimum for promoting the company´s products and services.

Information provided shall not be shared and / or revealed to any external agency / organization without prior authorization from the customer or as required by the law.

Sharing of information shall be done only with reputable reference sources and clearing house services for the purpose of credit reporting, verification and risk management.

All attempts shall be made to keep personal data updated and accurate at all times.

Personal Medical Information shall not be shared for purposes other than underwriting or administration of customer policy, claim or account as per customer consent.

If you have any questions about privacy, please send us an e-mail to the address support@aras-consult.com